An assignment for a Spring ‘10 Senior Project class challeneged me to explore the roots of my actions and decision to be a desginer. For me, it all goes back to my parents. This project explores their influence on me and how it affects my view of the world. My Mother is a graphic designer, my Father is an accountant and financial advisor.

The foundation of the poster is based on the simple elegance of math symbols. Visually, they look like logos. They represent my Father and the foundation he has built for me. This piece utilizes my Mother’s personal color scheme of black white and red, features small symbols representive of my parents, and tells the story of how “There is math in everything. But there is design in everything, too.”

The final poster is very influenced by the design aesthetic of Allen Hori – known for paying special attention to every little detail in his work. You could look at one of his posters every day for a year and each day find something new within it.