Quite possibly the wackiest and most elaborate of all my projects.

A few Christmases ago my brother gifted me a hanging photo mobile. I went nuts and cut out letters and scrap pieces of paper to hang. Ever since, I wanted to exhibit work on such a mobile. This idea married with the wish to design an identity for a museum gave life to the Freud’s Dream Museum project. Freud’s is an actual museum located in Russia which is dedicated to Sigmund Freud’s life and work, “The Interpretation of Dreams.” It is a small museum of only two rooms, one being a passageway of light and layered information. It is built to give a dream-like experience, and no two visitors view the museum exactly the same way.

I started with the logo and ended up choosing the vaugest and most abstract idea to build on. The final mark is a layering of letters with the “F” acting as a void. Often when we dream we see everything so clear. But when we wake we lose the pieces and feel a mental block failing to recall all the details.

For a project that was all about the process and exploration, it made perfect sense to make a book detailing all the steps. Since I had created so many logo options (115 is the final total) I had rich material to use. The final book is 70 pages, featuring a cover and chapter pages which are printed on acetate. I needed room to explain my thoughts and develop a very spacey, floating, dream-like atmosphere.

Other applications included business cards and a web site. And finally, I got to make something that made sense hanging from a mobile.

Learn more about the museum on their official web site here.