While at Pratt I participated in a class called Design Corps, where students create pro-bono work for non-profit organizations. I was selected to design a brochure for EIS Housing Resource Center, an organization that has prevented homelessness in New York City for over 25 years.

EIS Housing Resource Center is a small but impactful organization that provides support for those in need. They specialize in helping people who are facing eviction or are experiencing other problems of a home-related nature, such as hoarding. Additional programs include Elder Advocacy and Educational Outreach. They even have a staff of attorneys who assist anyone in need of legal counsel.

The inspiration behind the brochure is truly EIS itself. I focused on the concept of foundation. This organization builds a foundation for those in need and protects homes, which conjured up the visual and structure of bricks. The final outcome, like most Design Corps projects, was a collaboration. The logo was created by Maggie Ciavarella, and the photography is by Sam Stroube.

Learn more about EIS at their official web site here.