Chin Up! is a fictional beauty brand invented for a Senior Project class at Pratt. It reflects my experiences of being a busy young woman who is usually tired, often anxious, and sometimes broken hearted. The name and tagline are inspired by my tendency to look down when I walk. I came up with them on a cracked sidewalk in Brooklyn, heading to the subway.

The tone of the brand is sympathetic but not too serious. The typography is inspired by dramatic vintage newspaper headlines. Before creating the packaging, I developed the advertisements as an example of the look and style of the brand. “The Best Part of Breaking Up” is a Ronettes song title. This lead to the decision to include lyrics from woe-begotten songstresses as sub headlines on the packaging.

Products include shower gels, moisturizers, bubble bath, lip balm. All feature natural ingredients which calm and soothe. Each label is adorned with lyrics such as “It’s a hard day for breathing again” and “No more leaning on your shoulder” by Jenny Lewis and Gwen Stefani. Additional copy was written by me.