Be My Baby tells the story of the original bad girl of rock n’ roll, Ronnie Spector. Ronnie lead the Ronettes, a popular girl group from the 60‘s.

My love for the Ronettes is one in a long list of attributes I inherited from my Mother. An avid reader, she naturally possessed Ronnie’s memoirs and passed the book on to me. I decided to re-design the cover in tribute to one of my favoite musical icons.

The book documents Ronnie’s rise to stardom and her success as well as her tormented years under the spell of record producer Phil Spector and beyond. The covers represent her both whole and broken. After reading the book, placing it into the slipcover leaves you with an image of a whole and positive Ronnie, representing her climb back up to the top after years of struggle.

Ronnie’s signature high hairdo was created by scanning in vinyl records, then breaking them apart into a million pieces and scanning them again. The illustrations are a homage to her unique style and era.