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The BF and I have long been wanting to collaborate on a project. Just kinda makes sense, right? A writer and designer/whatever else I am.

We started with the concept of doing a comic or graphic novel. But not a traditional one. More inspired by 30 Days of Night or Arkham Asylum. I get disappointed sometimes when I see a comic with a really sweet cover, but the inside is nothing like it. We purchased comics that were specifically done in different styles, but mostly watercolor since it’s a preferred medium of mine. At first Matt was going to develop a horror story for me to draw to. But it was a bit too ambitious to start with for two people who really have no idea how to write or create a graphic novel. So I suggested we start a little smaller and work with a short story he already had.

My pick was “Absinthe” which has been around for a bit but never revealed until now. You can read the full story on Welcome to Aven.

I picked it since the story is super rich with visuals and is fairly ambiguous in meaning. A golden goddess, supernatural garden, and robots are just a few of the subjects populating the landscape. I still have no idea what the original intention of the story is, except that it was written from AFI’s song “This Celluloid Dream” (which is not the most obvious of choices to begin with!). Matt refuses to tell me the “true” meaning of the story.

My general interpretation is that it is the last fever dream of a dying man.



Once I felt like I had my own interpretation I began trying to segment and storyboard.



Except I kind of am in a state of distraction. I’ve pulled lots of inspiration and reference, but am very uncertain as to the style. Since the original intention was for this piece to be extremely stylish I feel like it’s pretty important to nail down what media, etc I will use in the end. Here are a few character sketches I am experimenting with.



I sorta feel like the style will really affect the layout. So I think I have to figure it out. I am enjoying thinking about it, though.

Here is the latest rendition. Totally not usual for comics, but does it matter? I love doing type work, and in tribute to Matt’s work I feel like the words are kind of important:



Stay tuned for progress!


  1. Rosemary
    April 13, 2014

    Fascinating….will be interested to see how it develops!

  2. Bobbie
    April 16, 2014

    FINALLY…I LOVE what you have so far…can’t wait to see the rest…


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