A Deep Slow Panic

A Deep Slow Panic

So those who know me understand that since the tender sweet summer of my 14th year going on 15, I’ve had a pretty bad crush on everything AFI. Though it has possibly wavered in presence throughout the years, has always been lurking around my aura to some unhealthy degree. Like, I bought 7 copies of Decemberunderground just to get the different covers and had that custom framed and then also bought the vinyl which comes with a handy page with all 4 images on it anyways. I’ve done some other wacky shit but, let’s not get into it now since I have a post to explain.

Anywho. They just released a new album Burials and there is a super nice contest on Creative Allies to design cover art for their single “A Deep Slow Panic.” I am so there. Like, so stupidly there.

For the past week or so I’ve been obsessing over and working on my entry. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do but different ways of executing. This process was quite strange for me because I usually have a good instinct about where to go. I pick it, sketch it, do it, it’s done. This time I started almost to a finished piece then scrapped half of it and started over. I am glad I did though! Thinking about how important this project was to do was getting in my way and I am much happier with my final result.

Since I do a lot of type, I wanted the art to focus on that but also have something special in there. I had an idea to do the track title in custom type with the baseline of “Panic” forming to the shape of a laying figure in a not super happy state. It looked like this:




Close ups of my type sketches.



The figure painting I did in watercolor.



What it looked like together. I didn’t even do the panic type thing cause it wasn’t working!

It was totally bugging me! I had a hard time with the figure in the layout and the fact that it has vector and hand drawn watercolor stuff in it plus some photo texture. Too much. I realized that I rarely make separate pieces then combine them… I do it in one shot so I have easy control of what it looks like.

Here’s what it looked like when I started over. Same concept, but a much more graphic interpretation:



And now I will be a tease and tell you to click here to see the finished submission on Creative Allies. Vote? Like it maybe? Whatever?


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