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More more more

So about two weeks ago I decided to address the fact that I didn’t like certain things about my new desk space. So I re-organized it and came up with this:


The BF requested cork boards to pin his notes on for his writings, so I took a few myself to pin some visuals over my desk. I was also able to find the missing hinge to my white lamp and added it back. Good lighting = so important.


My girl Therese (who I consider to be one of my art mentors and who helped me get into college) sent me a big package of vintage post cards that she found which I LOVE. I admit I am still trying to come up with the best way to display them all. But I needed to have at least a few nearby:



This shows a card with one of Matt’s (very top secret) short stories pinned under.



Also I love studying and drawing faces so I drew Miranda Kerr cause she is fabulous.



Anyways. This all kind of helps me to stay inspired, feed the brain, look at things, etc etc. In that vien, I try to add to my Pinterest boards every week. I love to use them as a type of archive so whenever I need reference or some visual inspiration I have it at hand. Here are some things I found this week:












All amazing things.

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