Lovely Creature Pt. 4

Lovely Creature Pt. 4

Welcome to the epic conclusion of the Lovely Creature project!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!

Anyways. Here is the ending which depicts our creature being captured by the desert and suggestively dying, or as I have interpreted it, turning to some sinister side to never come back. Enjoy!





This is the final spread so I wanted to go really all-out. The peonies and crystals that appeared in the first few spreads make a reappearance to tie it all together. I cut papers into peony-like shapes and layered them. I also used a hole puncher to punch out some crystals and blue tones. I wanted to be very rich and opulent and the position of the creature in the corner does suggest that she is laying in the ground somewhere, but since she has been converted to the dark side perhaps she enjoys where she is.




Pretty hole punched crystals!



This is the back page – repeating the peonies image and featuring some drawing.





The end! Hope you have enjoyed.

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