Lovely Creature Pt. 3

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Lovely Creature Pt. 3

My book for The Sketchbook Project has long been submitted now. I’m pretty excited about getting updates about it as it travels the country with thousands of other books. In the meantime, here is the middle to almost end of the book.

This is the part where creatures/strangers appear and it gets kinda creepy and dark. In the song, it suggests that the “Lovely Creature” herself gets lost in her travels and gets buried in the sand to stay.

The way I interpreted with the collage was to bring a literal picture of what the Lovely could look like and show how she turns. I tried to suggest that before she dies she becomes a part of the mystery and “diabolical” things the desert holds. Throughout I also cut the collage papers either sharp or very fluid to match the feel I wanted to create.







Part 4 coming up!

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