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So I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. But believe me it is not cause I’ve been sitting around in my jammies eating cereal and watching cartoons all day.

Last month I got a new job and moved to a lovely little apartment in Bethel, CT with my boyfriend Matt and his bunny Lana. We moved in January 24th and I started work on the 28th. I now work at Integrated Marketing Services. I got referred by my very good friend Jackie who works there. It’s great to have her to ask stupid questions to and chat with. Everyone is extremely nice so far and I already got to work on a logo project my first week in!

Haven’t been here for very long but I can definitely see myself staying for a while. Although I do miss my family and doggies back home, it is very nice to feel like an “adult” with my own place and full-time job. I loved coming up with creative personal projects for myself so I am hoping to continue with that, though it may be on a smaller scale. I’m still planning on posting once a week on the blog!

Anyways since I spent so much time buying furniture and all sorts of cute accessory items for the apartment I figured I should show a few pictures of how it came out. Spending my weekends on the couch in the living room featured below. The poster on the wall is a silkscreen I did for a typography class at Pratt. It always ends up on a wall somewhere since I love the colors in it so much and it always seems to match with something.


Working on getting an actual coffee table for the space.




My mom found my Grandma Josie’s old Fuji camera. I took it as a keepsake.



Lithographs are back! This is a set by Camille Rose Garcia. Each print matches a song from AFI’s album “Crash Love”.



I got a new drafting table and light to do my work at. Pretty excited about it. This is in the office behind our kitchen. Matt’s desk is on the opposite wall and we spend a bunch of time there hanging out.



I’ve been working on this painting for a while now – started it even before the job interview, move, etc. It’s fairly detailed so that’s also why it’s been taking a bit more time. Features a Beatles lyric that I had stuck in my head one day – “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 All good children go to heaven” from “You Never Give Me Your Money”. Will definitely post when it’s finished.

Will finish up my Lovely Creature posts soon as well!

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