Lovely Creature Pt. 2

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Lovely Creature Pt. 2


My book for The Sketchbook Project is now done. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though it was not as I originally imagined! Lots of sticky collaging involved, which made my drafting table look kinda like this:



Oh well. Here are some spreads from the beginning to middle of the book. The first one I posted beforehand, but I’ve made some updates to it. The design/feel of the book starts off pink and pretty and becomes more creepy and mysterious as it progresses (especially the last spreads, which I will post up later on). Main type is based on YWFT Belle.

To keep things somewhat consistent, I repeated a lot of similar type treatments and colors. The pastel is always blended out and used in the same way to add color. And a lot of the bits of paper are cut in a fluid type way.






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