Leah’s Flowers

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Leah’s Flowers


For Christmas I did a watercolor painting to give to my baby second cousin Leah. This was her first Christmas! She is the joy of my mother’s entire side of the family. Especially since after her, I’m the youngest member of the group and I certainly do not look cute wearing big hair bows and frilly diaper covers anymore…

Anyways I painted a small collection of flowers and made sure to include the pinks and greens in Leah’s room. Here is the full shot and then a few close-ups. I did “cheat” with a little white paint here and there for highlights.

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  1. Mom
    April 18, 2013

    You forgot to say that each flower is from the name of her three guardian angels…

    I love everything you paint….Dad and I have breakfast with Ingrid Junga today….gave her
    the update about you and Matt in CT….


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