Welcome to Aven Business Cards

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Welcome to Aven Business Cards


My S.O. happens to be an aspiring horror writer. He set up a web site/blog with his readings which is titled Welcome to Aven and asked me create to cards for him to promote himself and the site (as if I would really allow someone else to design his stuff… psh).

Anywho here is the finished product!

The texture on this side of the card is actually from a gravestone at the cemetery down the road from my house. I love how ambiguous and creepy it is which really fits his writing. Also his favorite color is that lime green which we’ve incorporated into the brand. The mix of typefaces on the info side was also informed by graveyard typography – lots of the older headstones have a beautiful mix of styles.


And here are some other concepts from version one. We slowly picked out things we liked from different cards for the final solution.

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