Lovely Creature

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Lovely Creature

So since I must send back my sketchbook to The Sketchbook Project  by January 15th, I needs to be getting serious about working on it. My goal for this month is to finish which hopefully I’ll be able to do in between all the holiday madness. Anywho here is some progress (please excuse my fingers).

Die cut cover heck yea.

I’m about half way through the book, going one spread at a time. I’ve already mapped out where the lyrics to the “Lovely Creature” song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are going to be. I’ve been incorporating a lot of collage which I wasn’t planning on doing at first, but it adds depth and is a great way to get lots of rich colors and textures in.

I’m also primarily using pen and marker. And at 10 last night I decided I wanted pastel in there, too. Trying to make it flow and be consistent without be all the same and boring. Here are some spreads…

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