Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays


I’m working on building a small collection of pretty type cards to add to my portfolio proper. Just so happens to be the perfect time of year for such a thing! Here’s my Christmas/Holidays card:

I wanted the card to be very light and effervescent. The background is very softly layered with the planes of snow and snowflakes. I didn’t want to use traditional reds and greens so I went with sort of a pale green ice tone. The color is still very winter-y and fresh giving it a bit more of a modern feel.


Here is the type close up. The hairline typeface is an edited Dagny OT Thin, the slab serif is an edited recreation of Hellenic Wide (mostly a custom “O” and “S”).


My sketching for these things is just not what it used to be. Getting a bit sloppy lately. But I guess that doesn’t matter sooo much as long as the final product works.

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