Dalvero Drawings

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Dalvero Drawings

So since it’s been almost a full year (!) since I attended classes at Dalvero Academy, and since I’ve been making myself crazy with personal projects and making the Pets thing happen, I figured now is a good time to post some drawings from the class.

I took a five week figure drawing course and I lovvvvvvvved it. I hadn’t been doing very many personal projects, drawings, watercolors, etc at the time and decided that that needed to change. I love working in Graphic Design, but it is necessary to take a step away from the computer sometimes and go back to your roots.

Taking the class was a bit like starting over new – drawing with my left hand, learning new ways to look shapes and perspective, drawing with both hands, etc etc. Here are just a few of the drawings. There are more “fun” and experimental ones which, if I don’t lose focus, I’ll post soon.

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