Water Portrait

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Water Portrait

Am totally late for my “illustration of the week” gig. Last week was very busy! In a good way. But it did not leave much time for personal projects such as finishing this!:


Very loose portrait idea. Inspired by this exercise I started in watercolor class but have yet to finish:


This was done on heavy Arches paper. I was instructed to get the paper very wet so that it would stay open for a long time. And then I had to just go with it and start painting! So I’m kinda not sure what it will be yet. I have an idea I should probably just go with. It’s supposed to be a very right brain type thing, which I definitely struggle with. Being a designer, there is always a concept and plan of action, always something I have to portray. Sometimes it’s hard to just let loose! So the portrait is my mind trying to cross the bridge between the two ways of thinking… still very loose and experimental in a way, but also a bit planned.

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