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Although Pandas are my number one favorite animal of all time ever, I do have a soft spot for owls. I think the fact that there are so many owl necklaces, prints, patterns, catch-all dishes for God’s sake, etc speaks of just how interesting and fun they are to interpret creatively. Here are my babies:


I did this in alternating watercolor/pen/watercolor steps. The basic color blocking and underlining layer I did first with watercolors and wet pastels. Then I started to go through and outline the shapes I wanted. Then I went back in and filled in some of the tiny shapes I had created to give it a bit more depth. I also wanted the black lines and rich colors to interact with each other so that they would make sense together.


Here is the original picture I referenced. I took this a few years ago (clearly with my old camera – whew!) at the Brooklyn Zoo.


Swear I will post progress from my watercolor class soon. Working on some good stuff there.

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