New to Dream

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New to Dream


This week’s type project was inspired by a quote from Debbie Millman’s “Look Both Ways.” It’s one of my favorite design related books, mostly because it’s about design but also so much more. Sometimes when I get discouraged I pick a story from that book to read and it always makes me feel a bit better afterwards. It’s quite inspirational to me so I flipped through and easily found a quote that I’m definitely feeling right now.

Been wanting to incorporate painting or watercolor into my type projects so I’m glad I finally got to. Not sure if I’m craaaazy about how rainbow it us, but I’m still a fan of the pretty colors.


Original process sketch which was then brought into Illustrator to create the “New Dream” drop shadow.


What my desk looked like at about 12:45 am when I was close to finishing. Mmmm watercolor block.

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