Things are better when you’re with me

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Things are better when you’re with me

So I took on a kind of ambitious project for this week (or really, last week).

I noticed that a lot of my type sketches are 1-3 or so words and that’s it. It made me feel as though I was not challenging myself. Hence I took on a chorus from Passion Pit’s song “Cuddle Fuddle”. It’s a very funky happy expressive number, so I wanted the type and images to match. I reaaaally really wanted an excuse to use my brand new fancy Nikon camera. I’ve been going around collecting textures, building an archive for myself. And I used a few of the pretty, bright ones for this project.


All the type was hand drawn and then scanned into the computer. I repeated styles throughout for some consistency (but not too much). It started out looking like this:

P.S. my favorite new reference spot is Lots of great, modern typefaces there.

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