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Since I’m in a celebratory mood after finishing my page a day, 30 day project I thought I’d make something for it…

Click here for a larger version of the full image.

I’m very pleased with how this all turned out. It’s given me a bit of focus, drive, kept me busy, and most importantly I feel that I know what I want to keep doing. I have more direction than when I started.

Since moving home, I felt I had a lot of options of what I could do next and I was very unsure. I think we all have those moments where we question if what we are doing with our lives is actually correct. I’m always slightly paranoid about making the right decisions for myself. I was (and still am) thinking about going back to school part-time or just taking a few classes here and there. I miss being a student and always feel there is more to learn. Earlier in the summer I thought I might change careers. I just didn’t feel like I identified with graphic design anymore. But in doing this sketch project, I found myself gravitating towards a lot of typography. Even my sketches from photos/imagination ended up being very graphic. It reaffirmed that I am in the right line of work and I’m still excited to design.

My goal for September is to complete one type project from sketch to finish every week. Today I am purchasing a fancy new digital camera so I think for this week my type project may also incorporate some picture taking. I still want to keep busy, keep making and designing. I think this is a good way to do it.

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