Beauty Contest

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Beauty Contest


My latest type project takes its name from a No Doubt B-side.

Almost all the type I draw is taken from a song and I love Gwen’s lyrical style. Little sample:

“Damsel in distress is quite submissive
Look how somber my vanity is
A feminine human creature
Superficial, seducing detour
I’m going to the mall for the cookie cutter
The ugly duckling will always suffer
Contaminated standards, I try to fight it
I better get back on my diet

Obsessed with the beauty contest
Beauty contest
How’d my vanity get such a mess?
Beauty contest
I’m obsessed”


The type is very pink, a flashy girly coat of sugar. I didn’t want it to get too insanely layered however, so as not to take too much attention away from the actual letterforms. It deviated a lot from the original sketch, which I did during my 30 days/30 sketches project. I’ve been working on it on and off for a few weeks now so I’m glad to finally have it up here. It kind of makes me want to chew bubble gum.


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