Going to the Dogs

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Going to the Dogs


I’ve really been getting into custom type projects lately. My little sketch a day project has been a great launching pad for bigger things. Anyways, I wanted to do something a bit more ornate and focus on just a few letters. So I did a G&R monogram type illustration inspired by the dogs.


Here are the pictures of my lovely ladies that I drew from. Gracie is on the left, Rosie on the right. Gracie was definitely a factor in moving home. She’s getting up there in years (true ladies do not reveal their age) and I want to spend as much time with her as possible. She is the first real pet I ever had and I still remember pleading with my parents to get me a puppy. Since Gracie’s arrival, we all agree that she is the glue that holds the family together. And yes, she is never without a scarf.

My mother decided to bait me to move home with a new puppy, Rosie. Two weeks after I got home, we picked up her up. A week later we celebrated her first birthday. It’s been hilarious though slightly tiring getting her acquainted. Gracie now spends her time reinforcing the fact that she is alpha male by barking at Rosie and hogging the water bowl. Rosie spends her time biting Gracie’s tail and trying to get her to play. She is a very hyper fur ball and can be easily distracted by leaves blowing in the wind.


Personal anecdotes aside, here are the steps to get to the final product. What changed the most from the sketch is the letterforms. The original “R” wasn’t very well balanced and the shadows were lightened. The ampersand was a last-minute change. There wasn’t anything else in the composition just like it, so it seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. The thinner figure blends in much better and balances the squiggles underneath.

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