Art is Hard

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Art is Hard


So I’ve finished the computer rendering of my “Art is Hard” piece. Got some inspiration from my dear friend Heather and her post.


“Art is Hard” was originally a type collage my friend Jackie and I made while sophomores at Pratt at Munson Williams Proctor, inspired by the Cursive song. Junior year we got split up rooming-wise, so Jackie took the “Art is” while I took the “Hard” and made elipses so they were still connected in a way.


Here is the process of creating this new type version. I joined Pinterest about a month or two ago, and I’ve found it extremely helpful in allowing me to keep references and inspiration in one place. I have a typography board, so when I sketch I can go through what I’ve collected and look to it if I am having trouble trying to figure out how a particular letter should be formed.

I felt it was important to add the “We all know” to this piece. I’ve definitely noticed since graduating college that we’ve all had our struggles with adjusting to the real world while trying to remain true to ourselves and our inner snooty, particular, rebellious even, artists. At this point I’ve been going through many changes since moving home. Currently I feel I have many options to choose from… do I keep freelancing and trying to get more work that way, pursue a full-time position, or go back to school? Part of me misses being a student but part of me also wants to move on from it. Either way, creating art and making decisions about it are becoming equally as hard.


  1. cindy koren
    August 17, 2012

    LOVE this Riva . . . and it is so true. I’ve always loved your work. Have you considered teaching a course? I think I’m going to need someone for Design Procedures II in Utica this January.

    • Riva
      August 18, 2012

      Thank you!! I’ve never seriously considered teaching a course before but I am intrigued. What are the details?


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